Anti Lost Child Watch GPS Tracker

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The following is an introduction to the 2G version:

Note: 2G version watch has been added in German, Thai, Vietnamese , please ask the buyer of these three languages to note the language version when ordering, or contact customer service. Thank you!

Precautions before purchase:
1. The watch only supports GSM calling cards and does not support CDMA;
2. Call your carrier to see if your GSM card has a 2G network. If there is no 2G grid, there will be no network after inserting the watch, and it cannot be connected to the phone.

High precision positioning kids GPS watch phone

1. Zero-distance positioning
2. 1.44'' high-definition true-color IPS screen, clear, beautiful and fashionable
3. SOS emergency call
4. 4-positioning modes: GPS, AGPS, LBS, WiFi
5. Online positioning
6. Track playback
7. GEO fence
8. Remote monitoring
9. Pedometer
10. Voice chat
11. 3D high-intensity touch panel
12. Boss speaker with good voice quality
13. Apps for Android and iOS
14. GSM quad-band 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
15. Servers Setracker with global WiFi database work worldwide
Precautions for use: 
1,It is strictly forbidden to let the watch touch hot water, otherwise fog will be generated in the watch glass.
2,This watch can only be used with a GSM card with a 2G network.
If the watch has no network after the SIM is inserted into the watch, you can get the network by following the steps below.

4G Attena(This parameter is for 4G watches, not for 2G watches.): FDD: Band 1\3\5\8 TDD: Band38\39\40\41(100M); WCDMA: Band 1\8 GSM: Band 3\8

4G version watch supports languages: Indonesian, Malay, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. You can switch by yourself in the watch setting menu.

Note: The watch has dual cameras, the flashlight function in the menu is invalid.



A Telephony Watch That Takes Pictures Remote
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Base Station+GPS Dual Postioning. North America,South America, EuropeSpecial lines have been deployed in Asia and other places locate server, go abroad also can be timed positioning. SK07 Flyer-11 SK07 Flyer-12 SK07 Flyer-13








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